Persuasive Email Copywriting Is The #1 Way To Build Long-Term Relationships With Your Prospects & Customers

Email can be used at every stage of the buyers journey. A thoughtful email marketing campaign is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies but most people either don't do it or make a royal mess of it.  I'm guessing you're here to give it a red hot go? 

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You've changed

Actually, we all have. 

Marketing communications are no longer about being corporate and precise.

"Professionally written" is just another way of saying boring.

Don't be boring.

That's the number one rule and why email copywriting is more about showcasing personalities within a business and demonstrating you have the right solution.

People will remember stories, they'll connect more with your brand and will buy from you because they can easily see that you 'get them'.

So ditch boring, and embrace the world of personal branded email, no matter what size of business you run.

Our People

Yeah, that's singular. Just how I like it. 

Tim Tavender

Hi, I'm Tim. 

How are you?

I promise I care about the answer to that. Well, at least I will after we've met over a video call. It's the best first step to see if we'll get on.

We probably will though, or not. 

Who knows?

Let's find out shall we?

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